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Wedding Anniversary in Italy

Owner of fabulous gifts of nature and great treasures of architecture - Italy is beautiful any time of the year.

Celebrating your wedding anniversary in the summer - it means spending some wonderful and happy moments with your beloved on the beach surrounded by whispering waves of the sea, heat of the sun and beautiful paintings of the sea view. In the winter and late autumn - it's a good opportunity for holiday trips in the famous cities of Italy, to seeing the historical architecture of this country. Spring is a riot of colors, aromas of flowers and romance, which fills the air intoxicating lovers from around the world.

You can celebrate wedding anniversary in Italy every year. You may have a holiday just for you two in a secluded and quiet place, or a cheerful and joyful event with family and friends.
But be sure that the Italian Wedding agency will help you realize your dream of celebrating this important event of your couple life.

Have you already thought where and how to spend your wedding anniversary, making it a memorable day? Rome, Verona, Florence, Venice, Sicily - impressible cities, warmed not only by the sun, but also of the loving hearts.

If you have already an idea of how this special day would be like, so it’s time for you to look through our services, send us your ideas so that we can make up a complete plan for your happy anniversary wedding day.

Wedding Anniversary Services

If you have not decided where to celebrate your wedding anniversary yet - write an e-mail with questions and wishes to our main project coordinator Marina Matasaru. Your preferences are the key ideas for starting planning your perfect wedding anniversary program. You will be provided with several options of how you could celebrate this significant day. Then, the only thing for you is to decide which one to choose and we’ll take care of the rest.

See you in Italy!

Our coordinator

Dear happy married couples,

I am pleased to welcome you to Italian Wedding agency! If you’ve decided to celebrate your wedding anniversary in Italy, but you still don’t know how you do it - send me your questions and wishes by e-mail, and some of your best ideas, of how are you imagining this anniversary should be like. Your preferences are the key elements of planning your anniversary celebration program. In my turn, I will make a few interesting celebration offers of this significant event, to choose the most suitable one for you.

Yours faithfully!

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