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Wedding Planner in Milan

Milan, the northern capital of Italy is the most dynamic, business and commercial city of the sunny country, the center of the fashion industry, luxury cars and shopping. This colorful metropolis surrounded by futuristic skyscrapers is not deprived of a great beauty, created by the famous masters of art several centuries ago. And not only the architecture and painting, but also culinary delights and flavored Italian wine, which also impress foreign visitors from all over the world.

Organizing wedding in Milan will turn the ceremony into a magical holiday among the bright decorations and famous places like Royal Palace, Duomo, lush gardens and parks of the city.There are also some secluded and private places as well, with beautiful surroundings, clean lakes, quiet villages and pretty villas. Prices of wedding in Milan depend on your personal preferences and which ceremony type you will choose on the site of the “ItalianWedding” agency.

Geography and climate

Milan is the second largest city in Italy. It is situated in the North of Italy, in the Po valley, and belongs to the region of Lombardy. There are four specific seasons - hot summer, cool autumn, mild winter and warm spring. There is an intensive everyday life in Milan, at any time of the year; the most attention is in the northern side, during the fashion and theater seasons, as well as in the sales season and spectacular events in the spring and early winter.

Getting to Milan

The easiest and fastest way to get in Milan is by direct flights from any corner of the world. Also, there are different way savailable by train, bus or your own car.

Organizing wedding in Milan

Duomo is the Milan’s famous architectural building with a long history. This grand buildingentirely made of marblehas been built for 6 centuries. There was a lot of debate around it, regarding the aesthetic value and the harmonious combination of architectural styles that has been used.

Royal Palace is another main attraction of Milan, which is interesting not only for its museum and luxury interiors, but also for great exhibitions of the famous artists which are often occurring here.

Only in Milan you can see "The Last Supper" famed fresco, made by the famous Leonardo da Vinci. And, of course, it cannot pass without taking a tour in the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie.  Keep in mind, that tickets should be booked in advance.

The most romantic place in Milan is the interconnection of the five Naviglichannels, which belongs to the great Leonardo da Vinci. A trip for two in a boat, photo shoot on old bridges and quays will createan interesting moment for all lovers.

Wedding in Milan, it's a special beautiful ceremony where lovers swear the eternal love to each other with the greatest responsibility. Divorce, in general here is considered as bad manners, and may last for decades. Therefore, the wedding in Milanis not only an important and spectacular event, but also intended to create a strong alliance for life. With all that, be sure to arrange a wedding in this special place, and take a look at the cost of wedding in Milan on our website.

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