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Wedding Planner in Cesenatico

Cesenatico port town and seaside resort is the best place that meets the needs of newlyweds who prefer a peaceful rest. Weddings in Cesenatico, honeymoons or romantic trips will leave pleasant memories of the clean Adriatic Sea, sun and the nice romantic dinner at restaurants.

Geography and Climate

Cesenatico is situated in the north of Italy, in the region of Emilia-Romagna, at 24 km from the popular seaside resort city of Rimini. Unlike the festive Rimini, the atmosphere is calm and quiet, despite the crowded beaches. This region is characterized by a mild maritime climate which is easily supported at any time of the year. The warm days delight local people and visitors from May to October. The average temperature in summer reaches 25 degrees. Whatever time of the year you will choose for celebrating your wedding, Italian Wedding agency, will take care to satisfy your dream of getting married in Italy.

Getting to Cesenatico

The nearest international airport is in Rimini. To get to Cesenatico it is possible in about 15-20 minutes, by train, bus or private transport service in a comfortable car, organized by Italian Wedding agency. For those who plan weddings in Italy, our agency will help arrange the transport tickets or private cars.

For more information about how to get to Cesenatico, please contact the Italian Wedding agency.

Interesting Places

Cesenatico port is well known as the best place for fishery throughout the whole Adriatic Sea. About the fact that fishing is the main occupation of this region, speak all the city's attractions, each of which carries a marine theme. For couples who are getting married in Cesenatico, here are some of the most significant places of the city:

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