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Orthodox Wedding in Italy

Orthodox Christians - a man and a woman, true believers of their God are getting married with a special face-to-face responsibility, and link their relation with the sacraments of the church. That’s not only a beautiful ritual, but also a deep understanding of the main essence of the religious wedding, which takes place by the following principles:

If you have a great feeling and a firm intention to permanently join your hearts by the strong church ties of marriage, and at the same time the spirit of romanticism and love for an extraordinary journey never leaves you, then it’s certainly your time to get this offer from the “Italian Wedding” agency and arrange an Orthodox wedding in Italy.

Despite the fact that Italy is a Catholic country, so many beautiful orthodox churches were built in many wonderful cities of Italy.

Places where Orthodox weddings take place:

Orthodox Wedding Services


2 sets of documents, as each one for the bride and groom, 3 months before the registration date of your wedding, which include:

All the comprehensive answers to your questions about planning a religious wedding ceremony as well as other relevant information, you will always get from our main coordinator Marina Matasaru, in a written reply to your email request.

See you in Italy!

Our coordinator

Dear future grooms and brides,

I am pleased to welcome you to Italian Wedding! Please, be informed that we’re always ready to answer all your questions about planning an Orthodox wedding in Italy. I, personally, would be very delighted to come up with a special and perfectly personalized religious wedding plan for you, considering your best wishes, ideas and requests.

Allow me assisting you with all the necessary legal documents for your religious wedding. This will definitely save you from superfluous efforts and will fully dive you into a real atmosphere of love, harmony and cheerful mood.

Yours faithfully!

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