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Wedding on Lake Maggiore

The picturesque beauty of Lake Maggiore is a combination of exquisite scenery, historic and charming architecture and fantastic great reliefs of the Alps, with white patches of snow at the highest peaks. Organizing wedding on Lake Maggiore will leaveonly wonderful memories of a beautiful celebration in one of the luxury villas in a wonderful park or cozy villa surrounded by romantic paintings of friendly nature.

Geography and climate

Lake Maggiore is the second largest lake after Lake Garda. Most of its part suppliesthe coast of Italywith water, and about 20% of its basin is located in Switzerland. The lake is divided into two Italian regions - Lombardy and Piedmont. The distance between the upper and lower parts of the lake is 60 km away. The deepest point is 375 m, and the maximum width figures about 10 km. The lake water is clean and pleasant for swimming.

Especially favorable time for a wedding on Lake Maggiore is the late April to mid-October, with an air temperature of +20⁰ to + 30⁰C and water temperature of +20⁰ to 23⁰C. In winter the days are cool, but there is still a pleasure to walk on the boat.

Getting to Lake Maggiore

Many cities on Lake Maggiore have a great location relative to the main highway linking them with Milan. Therefore the most convenient and fast option is a direct flightto Milan, and thena transfer by train or car to the destination is possible. “ItalianWedding” agency organizes,dependingon your own wishes, individual route to the coast of Lake Maggiore and with a great pleasure will get you to the hotel or apartment. The prices of wedding on Lake Maggiore, as well as any additional services, you can find on our website.

Organizing wedding on Lake Maggiore

Stresa is a real city of romance and love, where lush wedding ceremonies and spectacular photo shoot are organized. The most beautiful places in the city are a long urban promenade with flowering and fragrant plants, the picturesque park of Villa Pallavicino, urban gardens and Villa Ducale.

Arona is a cozy town with a fascinating centuries-old history and beautiful architecture. In front of it, there is another ancient city – Angera,and its popular attraction the medieval castle of Rocca di Anger, located on a high cliff, offering spectacular views of the Lake Maggiore.

Borromean Islands offer a great chance to make an interesting boat trip and admire the royal palace, a wonderful cascade garden with white fairy peacocks on the island of Isola Bella. In just a few minutes to swim to de Isola Pescatoreyou can wander through the cobbled streets admiring the cozy charming churches and towers. The island Isola Madre will gently protect you with its green lush of the magnificent botanical garden.

Lake Maggiore hasjoined around a plurality of stunningly beautiful places, created by nature and man. So let it become a place where to build your strong marriage alliance.Make sure to contact the “ItalianWedding” agency’s representative to give you the actual information about the cost of wedding in Lake Maggiore, depending on your dreams and wishes.

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