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Honeymoon Tour to Italy

The wedding has been celebrated, the bouquet has been thrown, it’s time to complete your wedding experience with a worth all-inclusive honeymoon.

Just think at the exceptional positive things and places, kindness and warmth, indeed, Italy has always been the country ready to share its joy, and willing to demonstrate the beauty of its wonderful nature and the splendor of cities.

Choose a Honeymoon Destination

Europe recognizes Italy as one of the most romantic country for its beauty that makes you fall in love, for its always cheerful and positive atmosphere, for its fantastically delicious food and wine. All newlyweds around the world are seeking to spend their honeymoon in Italy. After all, enjoying the hospitality and the warm of its radiant sunshine is the double pleasure, if you love the life and, most importantly, you are in love with each other.

Let me draw up a honeymoon program full of events and impressions for you. The main coordinator of the Italian Wedding agency, Marina Matasaru invites you share your wishes about what would you like to have on your honeymoon, how it should be, where you want to stay during your holiday and where you dream about to go.

Then, you will be offered combined tours, for example, combining the opportunity to visit some of the best Italian cities and to rest on the beach. No less interesting is visiting any city of Italy, at your choice, which includes accommodation and city tour.

This romantic trip can also be combined with the resting at the sea. To make it easier for you, we listed the most beautiful and memorable places in Italy, which still are the best choices for honeymooners.


This extraordinary city fiercely resisted the marine nature, for already hundreds of years, still surprises and delights the loving couples from around the world. It is like an example of resistance and clearly demonstrates its strength enclosed in a mysterious beauty. Unutterably exciting is a gondola ride along the canals of Venice, which can be a fascinating moment for taking some pictures or video, of course, if you wish it. Also, it’s your chance to play in an organized by us show, with masquerade costumes, where you are the main participants, that can be an interesting part of this memorable event.


Here, almost every building is a work of art or the museum heritage, but so harmoniously and simply fit into a modern city! It’s interesting admiring its marvelous architecture and monuments day and night. The revival of urban life, it’s worth watching, especially at dawn. At this time you can clearly hear the welcoming Italian cheers, enjoy rich and dizzying coffee aroma, admire in the morning the beauty and cleanliness of Rome streets and avenues. Cafes and restaurants offer a variety of delights, like pastas, sauces, and cheeses. So, there is no chance for you to stay hungry. The most attractive places for lovers in Rome are the orange garden and Avetinsky hill. It offers not only a beautiful view of the city, but also an atmosphere of peace.


This charming, warm region of Italy fascinates lovers with its marvelous scenery of fabulous valleys, hills and vineyards. There are surprisingly tasty wines, in this region, stunning culinary and incredible variety of dishes.

Florence and Cortona

Florence is a great city of art and creativity, with works by Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo da Vinci, Dante, and Brunelleschi. Here you will be lucky to see their eternal works and make amazing photos on the background of famous temples, squares and streets.

Cortona - a small, isolated town with beautiful nature, fantastic landscapes of plains and hills. There is nothing to stop you from watching the wonderful sunrises and sunsets, enjoy the beauty of the local flora and fauna.

Amalfi Coast

Welcome to the South! Amazingly beautiful sea part of Italy, where there is an abundance of lemons growth and local taverns are preparing their exclusive drink Lemochello everywhere.

Positano and Sorrento

Positano and Sorrento are located on the slopes of the green rocks on the beach. Holiday and beauty are all around, which you may fall in love at first sight. The amazing nature with exotic southern plants, immaculate lawns, the riot of colors and paints, small, colorful cozy houses with tiled roofs will fill you with bright impressions, passion, and boundless joy every day of your honeymoon.

This is only a part of the long list of interesting and colorful, romantic places for a honeymoon abroad.

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See you in Italy!

Our coordinator

Dear newlyweds,

Welcome and I am happy to meet you to Italian Wedding agency. I’m always ready to answer your questions related to honeymoon planning abroad. Particularly for you, I will prepare a romantic and exciting trip to the most beautiful places in amazing Italian cities - it all depends on your wishes. Give me this privilege to resolve any planning issues and letting you enjoy your honeymoon, carefree and happy.

Yours faithfully!

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