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Wedding in Verona

«"There is no more beautiful city in the world, than the city of Montague’s bitter fight with the Capulets ..."»                                                                   

Folk poetry

Due to the famous playeddrama "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare, Verona has been for centuries considered a city of true and unconditional love between man and woman. Wedding in Verona takes you to this unique moment, where from the Juliet’ small balcony a wedding photoshootcan bearranged and an oath of fidelity and eternal love to each other being pronounced.

Organizing wedding in Verona is the opportunity to believe in this beautiful legend, see the striking contrasts, reliefs and images in a harmonious combination of the city’s ancient architecture, and finally, to plan your major ceremony in one of the most romantic wedding places in Italy.

Geography and climate

The city of Verona is located along the estuary of the river Adige, only 30 km to the East of the Lake Garda. Due to its positioning, Verona has most a warm humid climate with hot summers and no dry season. In summer the temperature rises up to + 30 °C. In winter, the fog is often present, which causes an average low of + 2 °C in the coldest period of the year. Find your wedding day in this perfect weather and don’t hesitate to contact us for calculating you the cost of wedding in Verona.

Getting to Verona

The easiest way to get to Verona is getting a direct flight. Verona’s airport is about 7 miles from the center of the city. Also suitable are the regular flights in the other cities of Italy or even Europe, for example Rome, Milan, Paris or Frankfurt, which make the connection to Verona, then riding the train or taking a bus. Upon arrival, you will be greeted and taken to the hotel or apartment by a representative of the “ItalianWedding” agency.

Organizing wedding in Verona

Juliet's House – if keeping believe the events described in Shakespeare’s play, in a cozy courtyard, under a small balcony, Romeo has declared his love to Juliet. Lovers from all over the world leave their recognition for each other, paper notes, on the ancient wall.

The Roman amphitheater built in the 1st century is considered the symbol of Verona. Today the world-famous entertainment operas are played in here.

A wedding in Verona will be incomplete without a visit to the magnificent Giusti garden, which is more than 500 years. It is still impressive in its beauty and original landscape design. Here you will see a clear maze created from living plants, and of course, rushing upemerald cypresses, guarding the peace and beauty of the ancient statues.

Castelvecchio Museum is located in a medieval castle of the same name. This gloomy edifice has once served as protection from its own people for one of the direct descendants of the bloody dynasty of Della Scala. Today, within these walls, master pieces of famous masters of Italian fine art are living.

If, this amazing city has become your favorite one, then it's time to find out the prices for wedding in Verona on our “ItalianWedding” website. Let this city be the starting point of your long-life journey.

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