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Wedding Planner in Pisa

Funny city of Pisa keeps surprising people with its wonderful and extraordinary historical assets. Firstly, the city has successfully maintained the beauty and uniqueness of its monuments, secondly, this destination is a perfect host of spectacular festivals, and third, it gives good energy to every guest present here. So, it can be a special place for your dream of getting married in Italy comes true.

Geography and Climate

Pisa is situated in the region of Tuscany, in northwest Italy, near the mouth of the River Arno. The city is located at 15 km from the Ligurian Sea, that’s why many tourists after visiting city’s famous locations they immediately go to the beach. Due to its proximity to the sea, it makes it a Mediterranean climate. Celebrating weddings in Pisa would be perfect at any time of year, because here the weather is always warm.

In summer, there is a clear and hot weather; despite, people support it quite comfortable, only if they don’t have serious health problems. The weather during this period reaches a temperature of 30 degrees. In winter, there is partly cloudy and foggy weather, precipitation in the form of rain, and very rarely snowfall. The winter daytime temperature rarely drops below 10 degrees.

Spring is the best time for the city. There still a few tourists here and the weather is wonderful, of about + 15 + 21 degrees. Gardens and parks get bloom, and birds sing beautiful trills. The early spring rains are not uncommon for this region and period, although rains are over in May.

Good weather and lack of visitors’ crowds can barely be met in autumn, when the temperature is still nice and reaches + 24 + 25 degrees. In September and October, the sun shines most of the day, but it can be changed by a heavy rain. In November, the rain falls and cloudy days increase, but the temperature is still nice and doesn’t drop below 15 degrees.

Getting to Pisa

Getting to Pisa is possible from Rome by express train, train, bus or car. In any case, Italian Wedding agency will find the most convenient form of transport for you and will book tickets or individual transfer in advance, anywhere in Pisa.

For more information about how to get to Pisa, please contact the Italian Wedding agency.

Interesting Places

The main architectural works in Pisa are located on the "Square of Miracles" square, and for everyone who decide to celebrate weddings in Italy - Pisa attractions are an absolute must which have to leave its footprints on the wedding photos or videos. For couples who are getting married in Pisa, here are some of the most significant places of the city:

The main part of the city's population, about 60% are students, who are studying at the university, where Galileo Galilei lectured a few hundred years ago. Thanks to the young generation of bright minds, here are organized spectacular performances. Life in Pisa is full of bright and positive goodwill toward the world, and because of this energy any holiday here it's a miracle.

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