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Official Wedding in Italy

Just as you know, you have a full legal right to legalize your relation not only in your home country, in which you are a resident, but also anywhere abroad. A marriage abroad is generally accepted by any state, as long as it is valid under the legislation of the foreign country.

Anyway, if you have any uncertainties, in this respect, feel free to ask for confirmation to our main coordinator, Marina Matasaru.
As you are reading this page, it is clear that you are thinking of a wedding abroad.  Here we come with a suggestion for you to have a memorable and perfect wedding celebration in Italy and some details about it.


When all the required documents are ready, it is necessary that you make a registration to the Embassy of your country in Italy, and submit the documents one month before your planning ceremony.


To avoid any unexpected obstacles, we suggest you to leave all this troublesome work of planning your wedding abroad, to an experienced master - Marina Matasaru, the main coordinator of the Italian Wedding agency.

Our guaranteed services:

Civil Wedding Services

Italian Wedding agency has also great offers for you to spend a wonderful honeymoon after your wedding, on the amazing coast of the Ligurian Sea and exciting Italian cities - Florence, Rome, Verona, on a quiet, pleasant and sunny island of Sicily.

Please, review our honeymoon offers and find the best romantic holiday for you two, on our Italian Wedding website or get in contact with our main coordinator of wedding planning, Marina Matasaru, and she will present you the honeymoon offers that will be most convenient for you.

See you in Italy!

Our coordinator

Dear future grooms and brides,

I am very delighted to say welcome to you and support your decision to celebrate your wedding in Italy. I invite you to send me your suggestions, ideas, dreams of your wedding, and I'll make you an exceptional, interesting program for your wedding celebration. Thank you, in advance, for your trust to allow me to arrange all the necessary documents required for your official wedding registration. It’s very important to me that the main event in your life is completely dominated by love, harmony and happiness!

Yours faithfully!

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