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Wedding in San Marino

Every city in Italy surprises in a special way. However, San Marino is a place that not only amazes with its wonderful view, but also excites the mind. The point is that San Marino is a separate ancient state, which has the status of a republic. For several centuries, it managed to maintain its freedom and independence.

The desire to see the beauty of the panoramic views of San Marino, figure out its unusual location and feel the positive energy of the area is a wonderful occasion for weddings in Italy.

Geography and Climate

San Marino is situated in the center of Italy, between the regions of Emilia-Romagna and Marche. It’s a small country with an area of 62 square kilometers and the shape of an irregular quadrilateral, which occupies the southwestern slope of Monte Titano.

San Marino is a wonderful gift of Italy’s nature, and being here means soaring above the earth and seeing the incredible beauty of the green hills and valleys that meet far away the haze of colorful sky. The Mount Titan is generously covered by green vegetation - coniferous and deciduous trees and shrubs.

Weather in San Marino is nice in summer and winter, and it is not getting too hot due to the country’s location near the mountains. The average temperature in summer is + 24 degrees. Day temperatures in winter are + 4 + 6 degrees, -6 at night. Weddings in San Marino are interesting and beautiful at any time of year. A perfect photo and video session will capture stunning nature around and will delight everyone with warm memories for a lifetime.

Getting to San Marino

To get to San Marino from any city of Italy it is possible only by car or bus. Italian Wedding agency will prepare in advance a convenient way for you to get from any city of Italy to San Marino.

For more information about how to get to San Marino, please contact the Italian Wedding agency.

Interesting Places

State of San Marino is divided into nine administrative districts. In essence, every district is a city-castle. Here are their names - the capital, San Marino, Acquaviva, Chiesanuova, Serravalle, Faetano, Domagnano, Borgo Maggiore Montegiardino, and Fiorentino. A long time ago, these cities were first populated and today each of them is unique. Castles are well located and between them there are comfortable walking ways. You can arrange a ride on the funicular railway and enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of San Marino.

For couples who are getting married in San Marino, here are some of the most significant places of the city:

There is a Church and the Monastery of San Francesco, in San Marino, as well as many museums, with ancient and modern sculptures, decorated with lush greenery and color pattern of plants. The architectural structures and nature perfectly supplement each other.

San Marino can offer a delightful celebration of love and harmony, at the top of your feelings of happiness, which will perfectly and definitely satisfy your dream of getting married in Italy.

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