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Wedding Planner in Sardinia

The picturesque island of Sardinia is simply a piece of paradise, for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of big cities, who want to get away in the flow of sea breeze and the sun's heat, for those whom the mountains, the sun and the salt are not the last place in their life.

Organizing wedding in Sardinia will be a great celebration for true romantics. To conclude the union of your love will be interesting not only in the interiors of the royal palace, but also in a beautiful old mansion, located in the quiet surroundings of the mountain towns and islands, as well as on the magnificent seafront.

Geography and climate

Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, located between the Sicily and Corsica islands, and 200 km from the direct wayto Africa. Cagliari, the port city,is the capital of Sardinia. The East coast is washed by the turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Mountainous landscape with salt lakes, crystal rivers, descends steeply to the rocky high banks with secluded sandy coves are typical for Sardinia. The highest peak is Punta La Marmora, which reaches a little more than 1,800 m above the sea level.

The coastal part is a haven for surfers and divers, while the guest houses and hotels are located on an almost deserted sandy beach.

Staying in Sardinia will be interesting at any time of the year. Beach season lasts from May to mid-November. Long trip around the island is good to make in the cooler months, from October until the starting of the summer calendar. Winter in Sardinia is quite warm, especially during the daytime. The air temperature even in January can reach +20 °C, and the temperature of water reaches +16 °C. Snow falls only in the mountains. So,make sure to take some warm clothes for this time period.

Getting to Sardinia

Sardinia has three international airportsconnected with the main cities of Italy and many European destinations. Be sure, the “ItalianWedding” agency is always ready to help you getting the best and easy way to get to Sardinia, depending on your budget and wishes. Besides this, there is a full detail list with prices of wedding in Sardinia, which you can find on our website.

Organizing a wedding in Sardinia

Wedding in Sardinia is an unbelievable romantic trip in the most amazing places on the island with an impressive history of nearly 4,000 years.

The original town Alghero with its own culture, dialect, customs and traditions is located on the Coral Coast of Sardinia. It was founded by Spaniards, and resisted to the attacks of the sea pirates, as evidenced by the defenses and bastions along the coast.

Oristano city attracts by its bright and beautiful architecture - palaces, cathedrals and towers. Several centuries ago, Oristanowas the capital of Sardinia, conveniently located and protected from pirate attacks.

Gulf of Oroseiis a beautiful marine reserve with secluded coves, untouched by the wildlife, fancy reliefs of the coastal cliffs.

Moon Valley stretches in the mountains, in the vicinity of the Aggius city. It is a dreamscape of green pastures among the granite rocks of incredible shapes and sizes,arising as a result of erosion.

To learn more about the most interesting parts of the country and to determinethe cost of wedding in Sardinia, find the “Italian Wedding” agency’s phone or Skype contacts. We will definitely find your special place on this beautiful island.

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