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    Luxury Wedding in Italian Villas

    Wedding ceremony is an important step in your life. That is why it should be thoroughly planned.

    If you are dreaming about elegant celebration full of great nature and architecture, it is time to consider a wedding in villa in Italy. Such kind of ceremony is a dream for those romantics who like luxury and refinement. Although wedding in Italian villa doesn`t come cheap, celebration will be remembered as an event that leaves a whole bunch of bright impressions.

    Rely your ceremony to experts. We will help you to forget about everything and enjoy the best day in your life. We turn our energy to the preparations allowing to conduct wedding ceremony, feast and entertainment at the highest level.

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    Villa Serbelloni wedding is an option that always draws attention. This amazing structure was built about six centuries ago. It has beautiful facade, luxurious interior and eventful history. Previously, this spot was a mansion of famous Roman figure. After that – a high medieval castle. At the beginning of XX century the building was turned into a hotel. In due time it was visited by Churchill and Kennedy.

    Serbelloni draws thousands of lovers nowadays. Large “Paradise garden” growing around the villa, beaches, swimming pools and terraces help in it. Little guests can count on programme of entertainment that won`t let them to mess around.

    Villa Cipressi wedding on the coast of Como lake will definitely become an ideal place for wedding planning. Building is placed exactly on the beach, that is why the only way to reach it is by the sea. That allows to enjoy little boat trip and hide from strangers’ eyes. The villa is surrounded by thick green gardens and flower-beds. They will become perfect places for romantic photo ops.

    Why should you choose those options? Cost, programme and services

    It is reasonably to think about wedding place before planning a ceremony. Italian castles and villas are the best decision for those who value convenience. Main arguments in favor of Italian wedding planning:

    Remoteness – ancient villas and castles are hidden from strangers. You can enjoy celebration surrounded by the nearest;

    Compactness. There are rooms for guests, feast halls and vineyards in most of the villas. That is, you don`t need to roam around and can save your time;

    Nature and architecture. Italian villas affect with their beauty and luxury. A lot of Hollywood films have been shot here. Many world-class stars prefer to spend their vacations in Cipressi or Serbelloni. Feel unique paradise atmosphere that will emphasize the event importance;

    Eventful programme. Wedding-Italian makes ceremonies special. Wedding in Italy is a holiday. Our mission is to conduct it in a way you will think off it over and over. Unite romantics and strange experience of journeys. Fell yourself the happiest couple in the entire world.

    Order the services of our planner to conduct the ceremony in accordance to Italian wedding traditions. We arrange a convenient transfer, so you can go with your passion and forget about all the fuss.

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