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Testimonials about weddings in Italy

The Italian Wedding agency for weddings planning in Italy, represented by Marina Matasaru, the main coordinator, expresses its great appreciation and thankfulness for your trust and choice.

We firmly believe that the most important event in your couple life - the extraordinary, wonderful wedding moments, will be a lasting memory for your lifetime. Our skillfulness, expertise, experience, and contacts will allow us to realize the most unusual ideas for your wedding celebration, your romantic trip, honeymoon, or wedding anniversary.

We invite you to read some weddings abroad reviews as true evidences on our wedding services that we have previously provided, and which can make you better decide on which type of wedding would you like to have: civil, symbolic, or Orthodox. Below, you can also find out some wedding venues reviews which will make you discover the most popular Italian locations and venues. It will give you a rough overview on the whole preparing process of the wedding event as well as find out more about the top romantic places for couples in love. Here you can also get more details about the most common wedding traditions and rituals, banquets organizations and celebrations. You will discover all the opportunities to make your holiday special and unique. So, we suggest taking some minutes to look through the perfect weddings abroad reviews and make your day be a perfect one for you two.

We hope that in the near future, you will become the next star couple in our agency’s book of happy stories, and write your own review about how you’ve spent your wedding in Italy. We will take care that your memories shine of happiness and joy. Let in your hearts grows a strong love and the desire to come back again in this dizzying world of Italian romance.

Catherine and Sergey
Catherine and SergeyOrthodox wedding in Sanremo
Dear Marina, we want to thank you for the excellent organization of our wedding! It was an unforgettable day! I have never regretted that you and your team entrusted this important event. Everything was 5 points inside and out. Everything is as I wanted. It was so fun that we would have walked until the morning, it’s a pity the restaurant was already closing)))
Ruzanna and Sergey
Ruzanna and SergeyOfficial Wedding and Catholic Wedding in Positano
If you have a dream of a beautiful, soulful and organized wedding with love and incredible attention, entrust your holiday to this agency, in particular, we are extremely lucky to find Marina and her team! And we searched on the Internet and wrote off, believe me, with many ... We were full of excitement, as we organized the celebration, the wedding and the holiday itself, in a place that was insanely beautiful, but unknown to us: Positano, Italy What can we say? .. Everything was provided to the smallest detail: location, decor, music, paperwork, photo and videographers (all unrealistically cool guys), logistics, leisure, menus, entertainment, even the weather;)
Galina and Alexander
Galina and AlexanderWedding at Lake Como
Thank you very much Marina Mantasaru for the great help in organizing our wedding in Italy. I am very glad that I chose Marina. I wish Marina further success!
Valery and Maria
Valery and MariaWedding in Barni, Lake Como
Good day to all. We want to sincerely express gratitude for our unforgettable holiday! We looked for a specialist relying on reviews, and to our happiness we were not mistaken. Therefore, we consider it important to tell you what a Professional with a capital letter is Marina. We had a lot of wishes, they were incoherent and sometimes even too impracticable with the condition to invest in the budget. Our Marina gathered everything in one picture, and such a one about which we could not even imagine! Our wedding is an indication that we have been understood.
Katya and Adrien
Katya and AdrienOfficial Wedding in Venice
Many thanks to Marina for organizing our wedding in Venice. Marina is a very inspired, responsible and advantageous organizer! Thank you for enduring millions of questions and being able to organize the best wedding!
Tetiana and Fabrizio
Tetiana and FabrizioWedding at Lake Garda
Our wedding was for family and friends from many countries: Italy, Ukraine, Russia, England, Germany. And everyone was excited about this amazing event in the beautiful location, fantastic reception and all the surprises we arranged for our guests. It was wedding like for real prince and princess, and exactly what we always dreamt about. Thank you for thoughtful planning and arranging, Marina. Good luck with your business! Nothing can be better than wedding in Italy it.
Malika and Valentin
Malika and ValentinWedding at Lake Como
Marina, thank you! Very pleased with the wedding, everything turned out even better than expected! Thank you for your advice, for organizing and understanding the necessary and important details for us!
Julia and Vladislav
Julia and VladislavOfficial Wedding at Lake Como
Hello! We would like to express our deep gratitude to Marina and the Wedding Italian Agency for the excellent celebration we had. We did not want to triple the usual wedding with a restaurant, master of ceremonies, silly competitions and drunken guests. We dreamed of a wedding abroad, a wedding at the castle, so that this special day was only ours. We applied to many wedding agencies, but in some we were told that we did not fit into the budget, in others, that for two they could only offer to rent the back yard of the hotel and hold a ceremony there.
Vladimir and Evgeniya
Vladimir and EvgeniyaVilla Ralais Vittoria, Lago di Como
Marina, thank you very much for organizing our wedding. You had only two weeks to prepare,but it was enough for you !!!!
Indre and Mario
Indre and MarioLa chiesa di San Giorgio dei Greci, Venezia
Marina, big thanks to you! Most wonderful job has been done. We recommend Marina's service to everyone.
Natalie and Andrew
Natalie and AndrewSymbolic wedding
Hi everyone! We want to express our great respect and undoubted gratitude to the organizers of our wedding. My wife and I got married five years ago, but at that time we had no thoughts to have a wedding celebration.
Alex and Maria
Alex and MariaWedding Anniversary
We decided to celebrate our five-year wedding anniversary in Italy. As an artist, my wife is interested in the Renaissance Art and in all that kind of stuff about the European history. This is what we actually wrote to Marina Matasaru in an email.
Victoria and Alexander
Victoria and AlexanderOfficial wedding in Venice
GRAZIE, Marina! I find it hard to express in words how happy I am and satisfied with the wedding! Because, we had a long hesitation looking for other options since when we finally decided to come back to your services. It was not entirely clear how to do with our documents. But after our discussion with you, it was very clear and I also understood what a responsible and competent person you are in all what you do.
Michael and Julia
Michael and JuliaHoneymoon in Italy
Thank you so much, Marina! It was a real gap for us there in Italy! Actually, it was quite a familiar place for us, as me and my husband studied in Italy, we traveled together to Rome - Venice - Florence. In Italy, I fall in love with my husband and also in Italy we celebrated our wedding.
Daniel and Sophia
Daniel and SophiaCivil wedding
We heard from our friends about the possibility of having a wedding in Italy. Some years ago, they celebrated their silver wedding anniversary in Rome, which was organized by Marina and I can only remember how delighted and satisfied they were with the organization, and we - as guests had lots of beautiful impressions and fun.
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