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Wedding on the islands of Italy

Do you want to impress all your friends and relatives, as well as to remember your wedding forever? Wedding on the islands of Italy can give you the most unforgettable emotions a couple would ever have in life. Wonderful climate, great food, magnificent landscapes and unbelievable romantic atmosphere - all of this can be found in Sicily and Sardinia! The places have everything for a perfect wedding. Wedding on the islands, for which rates are often quite high, also requires a careful preparation, which firstly begins with the selection of the ideal place.

Wedding in magic Sicily

The island of Sicily is washed by the warm waters of the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Sea. The mild Mediterranean climate makes possible celebrating wedding in any time of the year, since the temperature does not fall below 10 °C, even in winter. Sicily is a major tourist center that is why there are many hotels and restaurants for a comfortable accommodation on the island.

Getting to the island is not so difficult, thanks to the convenient flight connection.There are some airports on the island. Other form of transportation is going on a ferry boat at some point on island, which will make your trip easier and faster.

Actually, the landscapes of Sicily will give a view at the blue sea, beaches with golden sand and palm field. The air is filled with the aroma of the sea breeze, citrus and ripe grapes.

Wedding in cozy Sardinia

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Its Eastern part is washed by the warm azure Tyrrhenian Sea, but to the North, the Emerald Coast can be viewed - a 55 km- long stretch of the coast, the center of which is the resort of Porto Cervo. The island is dominated by a warm climate, with mild winters and an average temperaturebetween 11°C to 17°C.

Annually, Sardinia attracts young people planning their unforgettable wedding on the island. Guest hotels, right on the beach, in a secluded spot is available, perfect for a romantic wedding ceremony with the close friends.

Landscapes of Sardinia –the sea, shifting colors from dark to light emerald-turquoise, unfrequented sandy beaches, rocky peaks covered with junipers and pines. The picture is completed by pomegranate, olive, tangerine trees and vineyards, filling the air with wonderfully inexpressible flavor.

Organization of wedding ceremony

Organization of wedding on the islands of Italy requires a responsible approach, because it’s the only way to foresee all the details. Due to their wide experience and love for work, the professionals of the “ItalianWedding” agency will not miss any detail. They will entirely take care of all the organizational aspects, so that the ceremony will take place at the highest level!

Besides this, the consultantsof the “ItalianWedding” agency make allthe effort that the wedding on the island exceeds all expectations of the couple in love.

Initially, an individual program is set up, taking into account all the couple’s wishes, then thecost of the wedding on the islandis determined.

Prices of the wedding on the island

The “ItalianWedding” agency’s prices are quite affordable. For a rough calculation, we suggest using the calculator or filling in the online questionnaire.The consultants of the “ItalianWedding” agency will calculate the cost, and then will get in touch to present the approximate cost of the organization of the wedding on the islands.

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