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Wedding for two in Italy

When talking about wedding, it is important to organize this event taking into account the wishes of two loving people. Having this done, this ensures that you will have only pleasant memories of the happiest day of your life. Someone dreams of a magnificent wedding ceremony, with all family members, friends and colleagues. For such purposes, in Italy, you can rent a villa or a luxurious banquet hall that can accommodate hundreds of guests.

But there is a completely different wedding format–with the bride and groomonly. For this purpose, therearemany options for couples who do not want an extra pre-wedding bustle and excessive attention of strangers. Wedding in Italy for two can be the most romantic, happy and exciting moment in life.

Wedding on the shore of the azure sea

Wedding for two in Italy can be held on the shore of the warm sea. Alternatively, it can be on a deserted beach with golden sand and turquoise water, where the sound of the waves and the sea breeze will add a romantic atmosphere to the intimate wedding celebration. This can be a symbolic ceremony or an official marriage. In the first case, there is no marriage registration, but the couple may say loving words to each other, exchange rings and perform other wedding rituals. The hotel can be booked in advance, which will be decorated with rose petals and candles. Usually, champagne and sweets are also brought in the room. This atmosphere will allow celebrating an unforgettable wedding night! For such a wedding, you may choose the island of Sicily and Sardinia, the town of Ravello, Rimini and other resorts of the country.

Romantic city

Lovers of narrow streets, wide squares and grand cathedrals can courageously choose a cozy town for the wedding ceremony. Instead, Venice can be chosen, includinga gondola ride. Many couples choose to hold the ceremony right in the boat, which, of course, becomes an exclusively memorable event.

Wedding for two in Italy can also be celebrated in major cities like Milan, Rome. It’s so easy to find a cozy restaurant and celebrate this festive event in a pleasant atmosphere, as well as to enjoy the stay in this lovely warm country. In any city in Italy you will find wonderful places for video and photography, a lot of entertainment, such as riding in a carriage with horses, and comfortable hotel rooms for newlyweds.

How to organize a wedding ceremony for two

Wedding for two in Italy can be arranged with the efforts of the “ItalianWedding” agency’s consultants. All our consultants have international certificates obtained in the best schools of wedding planners. In drawing up the holiday program takes into account all the couple’s wishes. Consultants love their work and firmly believe that marriage is one of the most important events in life, so it should pass at the highest level!

The “ItalianWedding” agency’s prices are quite affordable. For a rough calculation, we suggest using the online calculator or filling in the online questionnaire.

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