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Wedding at Villa Serbelloni, Lake Como, Italy

Do you dream of a luxury wedding? Luxury and rich in terms of wedding, it’s usually typical for young couples. Such a wedding can be arranged on the beach of the sea or lake, in a beautiful villa or a castle. One of the luxury villas in Italyis located on the shore of the wonderful Lake Como. Therefore, wedding in Italy will be the best you can come up with for a wedding celebration.

Villa Serbelloni, built in the 15th century, attracts some what in a mysterious and magical way. On its place once stood a villa, of a writer and political figure in Rome, called Pliny the Younger, and then - a medieval castle.

Over the centuries, every owner rebuilt the villa Serbellonion its sole discretion, and finally, in 1905 a famous, at that time, hotel was opened, attracting politicians, scientists of all countries. Among them John F. Kennedy and Winston Churchill were here. Then the villa was owned by the Rockefeller Foundation, and it began to host international conference.

Today it’s a heavenly place for celebrating wedding at Villa Serbelloni. There is a "Garden of Eden" which is a beautiful fragrant scent of flowering plants; a place where walking on the alleys is an incomparable pleasure. Newlyweds can have a truly real dream, plotting a scene with two fantastic heroes: where the groom is the savior of his bride, and the bride is the princess whois saved by her lover.

Villa is a quiet place, where neither you nor the guests will be disturbed. Play, dream, have fun! There are tennis courts around the villa, golf fields, swimming poolsand a beach on the lake. If there arechildrenpresent at the party, then they will not be bored too. A special fun and exciting program will be prepared for them.

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Now we have only to calculate the cost of wedding in Italy. We recommend leaving it to the agency’s professionals, as they know how to calculate with no superfluous expenditure. Please, contact the coordinators of our wedding agency and find out about the additional set of services, holiday programs and apply for holdingyour wedding ritual.

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