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Seaside weddings in Italy

What could be more romantic than the wedding in Italy by the sea? In this amazing country, where good and open people live, where the sun shines warm all the year round, the air is filled with the flavor of tangerine trees. It has all the perfect conditions for an excellent wedding ceremony: comfortable hotels situated in the picturesque corners of the country, warm golden beaches, delicious food and famous Italian wines!

Wedding in Italy by the sea will give unforgettable emotions; it will make plunge into the romantic atmosphere and enjoy this holiday of combining two hearts. The ceremony can be symbolic or official. In the latter case, the official registration of the marriage takes place.

Sunny Sardinia

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, which is famous for its warm climate, deserted beaches and incredibly beautiful landscapes. The sea here may change its color from pale turquoise to deep blue, while the tops of the mountains are covered with thickets of juniper. Even in winter, in Sardinia temperature rarely falls below +19 °C.

The main resort city of Sardinia is Porto Cervo. The best beaches are worth-looking along the 55-kilometer of coastal strip, poetically called the Emerald Coast. It is easy to find a deserted place on the island, where no tourist can botherin holding a celebration in cozy surroundings. Such a wedding by the sea is suitable for romantic couples, who want to spend this holiday with thedearest people and friends.

Warm Rimini Resort

Rimini is a picturesque resort city on the coast of the warm Adriatic Sea. A few kilometers away, the famous Mount Titano is located. It’s very easy to get here, since there are only eight kilometers from the city to the Federico Fellini International Airport.

Rimini is a wonderful place with a mild climate. The average summer temperature is +27 °C, and it falls a bit to +18 °C in the fall. In winter, the temperature rarely drops below +10 °C. In the first half of the spring the air temperature is heated +16 °C. Due to the warm climate and sea air, thecouple and guests will feel comfortable in Rimini, all year round.

Sunny city of Ravenna

Ravenna isa city located by the Adriatic Sea in a beautiful province of Emilia-Romagna. The Mediterranean climate mostly prevails in this region. It is characterized by high humidity. The best time to celebrate weddings in Ravenna is considered spring and autumn.The most comfortable temperature in this region is observed from April to June and in the first half of autumn.

The large number of comfortable hotels, elegant restaurants, wonderful and amazing places will allow spendingthis holiday at the highest level! Such a wedding in Italy will certainly be the most memorable event for the happy couple and guests!

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