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Wedding in Ravello

The small cozy town Ravello is simply immersed in lush bloom and scents of lush gardens and old parks. Not coincidentally, Ravello is considered a kind ofsymbol of lofty sentiments, because it’s situated so high above the sea on a rock aspiring to heaven. The city, between heaven and earth,it’s so characterizedby people's creativity and simple townsfolk due toits location and rich aesthetes. Ravello is the city of music, a source of inspiration for poets and artists. You can often seethe performances of famous masters, executions of traditional and contemporary classical works. And theater venues are always filled with spectators.

Organizing wedding in Ravello could be a breathtaking event, because the main ceremony takes place in one of the most famous villas with stunning sky-sea view and sprawling gardens. Many artists admired the splendor of the buildings, terraces and surrounding scenery.

Geography and climate

Ravello is located on the Amalfi coast, at an altitude of 350 meters above the sea level, in the Campania region. Weather conditions allow for comfortable stay on the island at any time of the year. But the warm sunny days is better to enjoy from mid-April through October. During this period, there are the most interesting cultural events of the city.

Getting to Ravello

This nice romantic town can be reached by bus from Rome or Naples. For a more comfortable way, you can book a private transfer in our “ItalianWedding” agency. Make sure to find the full details and prices ofthe “ItalianWedding” agency, as well as all additional services, on our website or directly on our Skype contact.

Organizing wedding in Ravello

The main decoration of the city is the magnificent architectural structure Villa Rufolo. It fascinates with lush gardens and yearly international music festival under the romantic air of Italy.

Villa Cimbrone another beautiful building built in the 19th century, featuring stunning architecture, not only in the Arab and Romanesque styles but also an exquisite view to the magic sea.

Worthy of attention is the Cathedral of St. Pantelimon with a 35m high bell tower. A masterpiece of medieval architecture is the Church of San Giovanni del Toro.

The cost of wedding in Ravello depends mainly on which wedding location will be chosen. A full list of services and prices of wedding in Ravello can be found on our website.

Ravello is a romantic place, where people fall in love with life, make declarations of love to each other, celebrate love and elevate it to the pedestal of freedom.

Wedding in Ravellois an opportunity to see the best sunsets, hear the music in each stream of wind and rustling leaves, it’s a new way to realize a poetic combination of these simple words - true love.

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